What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapy which uses hypnosis to relax your mind to the point where you can make changes not possible in a normal state of consciousness.  Your conscious mind and the critical part of your mind simply take a rest.  In this space of relaxation your mind is very receptive to suggestion and you can communicate clearly with your subconscious; the secret command centre of your brain.  Or if we turn that around, your subconscious can communicate clearly with you.

The Role of a Hypnotherapist

Working with the hypnotherapist (me) this receptive, suggestible state can be used to almost limitless application. The subconscious mind is a reservoir for your belief system, your values and the emotions attached to the experiences in your life.  You didn’t consciously create your belief system, it formed in response to events in your life and the information you absorbed as a child.  In hypnosis you and I will work together to reframe your belief system and position you for achieving your goals, whatever they may be.  Remember, you didn’t choose to form your belief system and some of it you won’t even be aware of!  

How Can We Use Hypnotherapy to Help You?

Let’s be clear from the outset; every person is unique. This means that the therapy for each and every person I work with is unique. We have all been moulded by different experiences and so the way we work together will be tailored just for you. What I have listed below are some of the ways that hypnotherapy can empower clients. This is not an exhaustive list, but just a few of the conditions it can help cope with.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety is a condition which can exact a debilitating impact on peoples’ lives. This can be due to overestimating the nature of tasks in front of us as well as underestimating our capability to deal with those same tasks. Hypnotherapy can provide you with tools to address this helping to identify the cause of the anxiety and resolving it.

Stress can be caused by the curve balls that life throws at us, but also by subjective perceptions. Hypnotherapy can be be used as an effective tool to deal with these either through relaxing your mind or reframing the perceptions which can give rise to the stress.

Post Traumatic Stress

The symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress injury and its impact on those who are trying to deal with it can be varied and severe. Hypnotherapy can assist in bringing a sense of peace, calmness and clarity to those coping with this condition. It can help in decreasing some of the symptoms and the changes can be long lasting. I will work with you to help you handle the triggers and enjoy a better quality of life. Sleep is one aspect of Post Traumatic Stress which compounds co-occurring symptoms; hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool in helping you sleep better.


The fact that a majority of our belief system is embedded in our subconscious mind by the time we are around eight years old means that there could be limiting beliefs within your subconscious that are preventing you from achieving your goals, doing what you really want to do, being who you can truly be!

Limiting Beliefs

Hypnotherapy can help reframe the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your dreams and vision. This could be deciding to run a marathon, a runner chasing a PR, preparing yourself to set up a new business venture, public speaking, or summoning the courage to try something that you have always wanted to. Imagine that, being free to be who you can truly be!

Other Services

I also offer Reiki healing and Past Life Regression. Reiki works with the subtle energy fields to help ease the flow of energy within you. Reiki sessions leave you feeling very relaxed and can also help people sleep better.

Past Life Regression is also offered to those who wish to explore their past.